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I am a creative, enthusiastic photographer and designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland (but can often be found futher afield!)

l started getting really interested in photography around 2002 when I could be found on a muddy hillside taking pictures of downhill mountain biking, where you need to capture the rider in a split second, freezing them in time. From this I got really interested in long exposure photography and being able to control and manipulate light sources. This is where I have had great fun with the camera - using light trails and long exposures to create unique imagery.

What started out as a hobby has since become my full-time occupation and I really love what I do. Whether it is out at night trying to capture beautiful nightscapes and being clever with light or at a wedding getting the best out of all the guests - I always try to push myself and the setting to get really memorable images.

I personally offer a whole range of different photography, and video, services in and around Scotland. I also work with a number of other trusted partners so that we can scale up to almost any size of event. Below you can find out a few of the things I regularly get up to but if you have a specific project mind, please get in touch for a chat.


Weddings should be one of the happiest days of your life and it is my goal to capture every angle of that without dictating how it runs.

Everyone has heard a horror story or two about a photographer commanding people around a wedding, dragging them around a muddy field to get "that shot" and generally getting everyone's back up - well, that is not my style at all. It's your day and I am there to capture the very best of it!

I work with you before, and on the day, to make sure you get the shots you are after, and to do my part ensuring everyone has the best day possible.

I don't have a definitive price list as everyone wants something different but please do get in touch with a few details and I can send you a proposal over. Engagement shoots, signing boards, photo albums, online galleries...it can all be done.

"We both love the pictures and have had so many nice comments on them from everyone we've shown them to. I love the relaxed style of the pictures and the way you managed to get so much without any of us really being aware of them being taken. Not only that but you were a pleasure to have around on the day. I think you put everyone at ease and added to the enjoyment of the whole day (as well as quietening the waitresses during the speeches). The results are exactly what we were after and I think you somehow managed to capture pretty much everyone that was there. I think the trip up the hill was one of the highlights for both of us, it was great to disappear for a while and have a laugh away from the crowd..."

Nick & Anna Marshall


Over the years I have covered a huge range of events in the UK and Europe covering everything from conferences for global financial institutions in London, award ceremonies for the paper and pulp industry (yes, really!) in Brussels to charity golf days on the Golf Coast in Scotland.

Each comes with its own challenges and goals but I approach them all with the same enthusiasm and creativity that I would for any other project. Over the years I have got to know that way productions and live events work and that is what makes them so interesting to cover.

A quick turn-around is also often a pre-requisite in order to ensure post-event marketing and social media is satisfied and this is something I will always take into consideration for live events - just let me know when you get in touch what timescales you are working to.

"The Marketing Society Star Awards are attended by 500 people with 33 awards handed out on the night – it’s a tough gig for any photographer but Tim took it all in his stride. He understood our brief perfectly, was a pleasure to work with and the standard of his photography was exceptional. We look forward to working with Tim in the future and would absolutely have no hesitation recommending him for any other corporate events."

Joanne Lynn

Aerial (Drone / UAV)

The ability to get an entirely new perspective of the world around you has never been easier. I use one of the latest (and greatest) aerial camera platforms currently available on the market and the control and flexibility it offers are truly mind blowing!

It has the capability to captures images with a 12 megapixel sensor and videos in full 4k ultra-HD resolution, all on a full stabilised, 3 axis gimbal which is full controlled from a dedicated camera operator on the ground. 

Below you can see a few examples of short videos I have produced using my drone - the potential for this platform is immense!

I am a fully qualified SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft) operator with all necessary Permissions (granted by the Civil Aviation Authority UK) and insurance to operate in the UK and abroad.


This can cover a whole range of projects and each require a different approach. Perhaps it is a new shop opening? A portrait with your relatives and kids? A new car you have just bought and want something a little bit different to celebrate it?

If you think you would like some help bringing your unique project to life then get in touch and we can work out the best way to make you look your best.

Granny G
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